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E9: Introspection and Preparation

Descriptions: It’s week 3 of Quarantine for us and we are lucky to have a space to get away and spend time together. During times like these it’s important to look inside yourself and find happiness through the little things. Really focus on what makes you happy as a person and take the time to figure out what you can do to be constructive. It is also very important to not take out your anxiety and anger over the current situations or internal struggles on those surrounding you. We all have to work together rather than pushing each other apart. If you are in the adult industry, it is also a good time to realize that you need to be prepared as an independent performer to build on your content ahead of time and have backup material that you can release if something unexpected should happen throughout your life. We are living in unparalleled times and the only way we are going to come out of this stable and successful is to continue to have a positive attitude and keep supporting each other.